Nepal Tour

According to 2019 Lonely Planet's Annual"Best in travel list," Nepal Tour Packages 2019 is the best value destination to travel. Owning eight of the ten highest mountains in the world, Nepal is a hotspot destination for mountaineers, rock climbers and people exploring adventure. The tallest peak in the world. To stand at the pinnacle of the earth is one of life's most worthwhile experiences. 8850m is the height of Mount Everest is the Earth's highest mountain. Mount Everest is yet the ultimate mountaineering adventure.Nepal situated along the Himalayan Mountain ranges. It contains some of the major rugged and difficult mountain terrains. One of Nepal's famed mountain chains, the Annapurna consists of various peaks of varying heights. Of these, Annapurna I and Annapurna II are the tallest at about 8000 meters providing a thrilling panoramic view for anyone visiting the Himalayas.& lt,The Kathmandu Valley is drained by the Bagmati River, the political and cultural hub of the nation. The percentage of& all income from tourism the Nepalese government gives to communities near reserves. Bengal tiger, red panda, snow leopard<,these endangered animals are all found and included in Nepal tour. Nepal has the world's thickest concentration of World Heritage sites. Lumbini is a place to visit in Nepal tour that is said & to be the birthplace of Buddha. Tourism is the biggest industry in Nepal and its biggest source of foreign exchange and revenue.Kathmandu has many varied temples. Muktinath Temple 2019 is at our third number for visiting in the tour of Nepal. Difficult journey but worth visiting this humble place. It is at a height of almost 3700m. Next is Boudhanath stupa. Bouddhanath stupa is the most loved sightseeing place in Kathmandu. Guests are required to pay NRs. 250(Foreign Nationals) NRs. 50 (SAARC Nationals) NRs. 250 (Chinese) per person (Below 10 years free) as entry fees to the Bouddhanath. A number of Tibetan people reside around the Stupa. And it is a very great and holy place, especially of Buddhists People. It is one of the most famous world heritage sites of Nepal. Breakfree Adventures offer Bouddhanath Private Sightseeing Day Tours. Pokhara is prevalent trekking and rafting expeditions. Pashupati Nath Temple 2019 is one of the holiest Hindu temples in Kathmandu. Hindu God, Lord Shiva is prayed there. Foreigners are not permitted to enter inside the Temple premises. They can get a look from opposite the Bagmati River. Chitwan had mustard fields and production of mustard oil. Pashupatinath Temple has Panch Deval Complex, Lingams, and the Golden Spire of the temple with silver sheeted doors. Patan museum is also an amazing museum to visit in Nepal tour. It takes all three floors of the meticulously restored royal palace to satisfy thirteen centuries of Nepal’s religious art history, easily Nepal’s best museum. Nepal is an adventurous spiritual place to travel. Have a wonderful luxurious tour with us. We have well-trained guides who can speak in many languages and are having complete knowledge of tourism